Monday, November 21, 2011

We're moving...

I've healed up nicely from my surgery, still a little sore, but my incisions have healed well and I feel a little more 'normal' everyday. All of this just in time to move, YAY! There's work to be done on the new house and I'm not much help, but luckily my husband and our families have no problem jumping right in and getting things done. (I'm actually sitting here watching my husband paint our new bedroom while I write this.) It's been fun picking out colors and visualizing where all of our furniture will eventually go and a great distraction from the last month. We still haven't met with our fertility specialist, but he knows about everything and said to come visit when we're ready. For now everything is on hold until we're done moving and settled in.

Thankfully my JRA hasn't given me any real trouble lately. A few aches and pains here and there, but nothing horrible. I'm still slowly coming off of my Prednisone so that I can switch back to my NSAID's and I've done well so far. The insomnia from the Prednisone has gotten better, but I'm still hungry all of the time. I'm not complaining though...hunger pains are better than joint pains. Well I need to get back to watching paint dry, literally...I hope everyone is doing well and has a Happy Thanksgiving!

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