Thursday, April 5, 2012

Life is good...

10 weeks, 5 days
Things are going well lately with Bean and I. No more spotting scares...thank God! And Bean is healthy and growing fast.

I had my first appointment with my new OB last Tuesday. We're going back to the doctor that performed my surgery for our Ectopic pregnancy, Dr. Gleeson. My hubby and I really felt comfortable with him, so we took him up on his offer to take care of me when I got pregnant again. The appointment went well and he did another ultrasound to see how Bean was doing. My mom and dad went with me and my dad finally had a chance to watch the monitor while the ultrasound was being performed. Bean was actually moving around...a lot...stretched out an arm and waved it around like it was waving at us! It was amazing! I wish my hubby could have been there too see it, but he'll have to wait for now.

After we were done with our visit, it was time for first trimester testing. I had to pee in a cup, draw 7 tubes of blood and have a Glucose test ran. The Glucose test wasn't too bad...drink something that tasted like orange soda, wait an hour and then have more blood drawn. When all was said and done, I had a wonderful afternoon with my parents and then I received an email from Dr. Gleeson. My Glucose results were in and my count was a little high...138...should be 130 or less. Then the misery began.

Dr. Gleeson asked that I have another Glucose test ran, but this time I would have to fast for 12 hours and then go to the lab to have my blood drawn 4 times within a 3 hour period...ugh! Luckily my parents met me at the lab two yesterday and kept me company for the entire 3 hours. I arrived at the lab at 9:35, had my blood drawn and then was given the same orange drink, but this time it had double the sugar...twice as sweet...especially after 12 hours of not eating. The phlebotomist gave me 5 minutes to drink it down and then the waiting began. I had to come back at 10:35, 11:35 and then 12:35 to have my blood drawn and in the meantime I was only allowed to sit in the waiting walking, drinking, eating or leaving the hospital. Things started out fine and then after the 10:35 blood draw, I started to crash...I was so exhausted and nauseous! One of the receptionist noticed and set up a room where I could lay down and try to rest until the next draw. It helped so much! After the test was finally done, my mom drove me back home and served up some of her yummy Mexican Chicken. The whole day completely wore me out though and I'm still feeling a little groggy today. Luckily the results came back normal, but Gleeson said I'll have to do it all over again at week 24...we might have to negotiate a little on that one!

Today we met with Dr. Lee for our final visit. It was so sad. My hubby went with me and we had another chance to see Bean. Sadly Bean was sleeping, so daddy didn't get to see much but the heartbeat and a growing baby. Dr. Lee recorded the ultrasound this time and sent us home with a 2 minute it! They even gave us a pregnancy planner/journal and a ton of parenting magazines that might be helpful, but best of all...I get to stop all of my fertility medications!!! No baby aspirin, no more gels and best of all, no more shots...YAY!!! I would do it all again to help Bean, but I'm glad it's over! We exchanged thanks and congratulations with Dr. Lee and his girls and then had to say good-bye. It's weird to think that they won't be taking care of us anymore, but we're thankful that Bean is healthy enough for us to take the next step. Everyone reminded us that we're always welcome at Dr. Lee's if we ever need anything and asked that we come and visit from time to time...especially once Bean is here. :)


  1. I've been thinking about you since your last post and I'm glad to hear that you are still doing well! So sorry about the glucose test - I felt so gross the day I did it and I only had to do it once! But hopefully it will all be worth it in the end for healthy babies, right? So glad things are going well!!

  2. Yeah, the glucose test really kicked me in the butt. I'm doing much better now though and I agree...I'll do anything to keep this baby healthy and happy. Hope all is well with you!