Saturday, January 19, 2013

Almost 3 months...

I can't believe that in just 5 days my little guy will already be 3 months old! Some days drag by...mostly when my JRA is acting up...but others fly by.

So far Jimmy is an amazing baby. He's sleeping through the night, is full of smiles and loves to cuddle. He's even learning ways to make things easier for me. He arches his back when I go to pick him up, making it easier to get my hands under him and when I lift him to my shoulder to burp, he stands straight up and lifts himself until he knows I have a good hold on him. It's amazing! I heard of babies doing things like that from other mothers with RA, but never expected it to happen so soon. He even started saying Mom...mostly when he's crying, but I'll take it any way I can get it. :D

My JRA has been playing havoc on my body lately, but I've been lucky enough to have an amazing family who jumps in and helps whenever I need them. The constantly changing weather hasn't helped at all and at times I hurt from head to toe. Some days I still have trouble unzipping Jimmy's outfits or pulling the tabs on his diapers. Days like those feel like a nightmare, so I just try to breathe & roll with it.

I've learned that even on the bad days, zippers are my friend when it comes to baby clothes and if something has snaps, velcro is my friend. You can't always find outfits with zippers, so my mom has started sewing velcro over the snaps on the outfits that are just too cute to pass up. I LOVE the magnetic clothes made by Magnificent Baby and even have a couple of their outfits, but the cost is hard to justify especially since Jimmy is growing so fast. We bought him several outfits one day and just a couple weeks later some of them no longer fit...otherwise I'd have a closet full of Magnificent Baby clothes! So for now, we'll stick with zippers and velcro and a couple MB outfits for the REALLY bad days. :)

My hormones are still a bit of a mess...I started crying at an episode of House Hunters the other ridiculous! I'm convinced that it has a part in why my JRA is still randomly flaring up. I asked my Gyno to give me a prescription for birth control, which has helped in the past and he questioned why I would need it since it took IVF to get prego with Jimmy. But as soon as I mentioned how crazy my hormones were he agreed that birth control was a good idea. I've been back on it for almost 2 months now and still feel like I'm on a mini roller coaster, but I figure it will take time to level out the changes my body went through during 9 months of pregnancy...hopefully. :)

So far being a mom has been an amazing experience, challenging yes, but I feel so incredibly blessed. My husband and I have even talked about trying for baby number 2 towards the end of this year...a somewhat scary thought, but I can't imagine not having at least one more.

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