Monday, August 26, 2013

Baby #2 is doing so much...

10 weeks and 2 days
All is well in baby land. The baby's heart rate was a healthy 169bpm and it's developing as expected...little hands and feet visible already. It was even wiggling around like a little jumping bean! Our doctor was very happy with the progress and said September 9th will be our last visit before it's time to switch to our regular OB.

Best of all, no more meds for Mommy...YAY!!! I'm super excited about not having to have any more shots, but I've been so sick from nausea lately, that it's overshadowing everything. I became Lactose Intolerant when I was pregnant the first time, so once I cut out dairy I did great. But this time random things are setting me off at random times, so I haven't been doing very much. Other than the nausea, I've been feeling pretty well. I have a little more energy...kinda...and my JRA is feeling pretty good. I've had little twinges of pain here and there, but feeling better most days. Ultimately I'll take whatever I'm given, I'm just happy Baby #2 is healthy.