Friday, February 5, 2021

Hoping this works!

 So I decided it was time to give Curly Bones more of my time and attention but in the meantime, I've changed my email, had surgery and am now trying to recover. Recover from surgery and a change in email address. I lost Curly Bones for a bit in the middle of the change and I'm hoping things are back to normal again! Let's see if this works!


  1. Whew! It worked! Now I just hope it continues working!

  2. I just thought I'd pop in and say hi. I know you've not got much time for this. Me either to be fair. I also have JIA, an 8 year old and I work. I used to read your blogs when you were trying to fall pregnant. Seems like a lifetime ago now! I hope you're all doing OK.

    1. Thank you for saying hi! We're all doing well, but have been so busy that I've sadly ignored this site again. I was thinking about it earlier this week and still not sure if I should go a new direction with the site or let it stay where it is. Time will tell I guess.