Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Had a little spotting last week and went into panics! This time it wasn't a UTI, it was actual spotting and it was dark...the kind my doctor always worries about. It all started last Friday afternoon and I called my doctor immediately. He said to rest for the night and call him the next day with an update. A few hours later the spotting stopped, but I still had what appeared to be mini clots passing when I urinated.

Saturday morning I called Dr. Lee and let him know about the clots and he said to rest all day and come in for an ultrasound the following morning. Needless to say, Saturday was a very long day. Every scenario went through my head...was it all the start of a miscarriage...but there wasn't any cramping. Or maybe irritation from the Crinone Gel? Or maybe something to do with the cyst we found at our last visit?

Sunday we had an ultrasound and I'm so relieved to say that Bean is still very healthy and even grew a little since our last visit...whew! We have know clue at this point what caused the spotting. And the mini clots I was passing...Dr. Lee thinks it was blood soaking into the Crinone Gel and it was simply "leaking" when I urinated. So for now, Dr. Lee is taking me off of my prenatal vitamins and putting me on a high dose of Folic Acid just to be safe.

Whatever it takes to keep Bean safe and healthy.

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