Monday, June 3, 2013

Baby #2...

So it's official...we met with our fertility specialist and we're going to try for baby #2 in July and aim for a March delivery! We just have to wait until I start my next period and we'll be off! When I start my next period, we'll call the doctor and order up all of my meds and then about 20 days later we'll transfer two embryos. There was a big debate about how many embryos we should transfer...I want two, my husband and doc were a little more comfortable with just one. I want to transfer two, even with the chance of twins, because with our first two transfers we implanted two and only one developed both times. My husband and doctor were unsure about transferring more than one because they worry that twins will be too draining on my body and my JRA.

After some discussion we decided to email my Obstetrician who took care of me and delivered Jimmy and see what he thought about the possibility of me carrying twins. Ultimately, he agreed with me and said that we should transfer two and better our chances of getting pregnant and if I did get pregnant with twins, he was confident that I would be able to carry them without any problems. So two it is!

We're aiming for a March delivery instead of April or May because my doctor wants a little playing room in case the first transfer doesn't take at all. I'm mostly concerned about delivering as close to the warmer months as possible without actually being pregnant in the heat of the summer. If all goes well, our kids will be a little closer in age than I ever expected them to be, but only by a month, so that's not too bad. I'm looking forward to being pregnant again...never thought I'd say that...and going into remission again. Whatever may come...twins or another singleton...we'll handle it, like we always do.


  1. Wow, Christina!! Congratulations!! I about jumped out of my seat when I read this...of course I send lots of best wishes to you :)


  2. Thanks for the support J! It's all happening so fast...we're getting excited!