Monday, July 1, 2013

FET tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow's the big day!!! Things have been going very well and we're right on schedule. We had a check-up last Wednesday and my uterus lining looked perfect. I started nightly shots of Progesterone on Thursday and have already had a couple nights that include 2-3 shots (continuing the Estradiol that I've been taking every third night & now an hCG shot that I'll take every few nights until July 6th)...needless to say, my butt is feeling bruised! I'm still taking Dexamethasone and a Baby Aspirin every night and have to start an antibiotic today to help prevent any kind of infection during the transfer. All these different medications are starting to add up and becoming a little difficult to keep track of. 

My entire family has been incredibly supportive through everything! Everyone has jumped in to help out with Jimmy even more than before, so that I can rest as much as possible...all the hormones have actually made me pretty groggy, so the extra help has been great. My Father-In-Law is even spending the entire day with Jimmy, so that I can have a relaxing day at the spa with my Mom today...I can't wait!

Sometime this afternoon we'll find out what time our FET will be tomorrow...tomorrow we'll transfer 2 embryos...and then I'm on bed rest for 2-3 days. My In-Laws & parents are all lined up to babysit Jimmy and I tomorrow & Wednesday and my husband has Thursday & Friday off for the holiday weekend, so we're ready to go. We'll continue most of the medication and just play the waiting game until July 15th when we'll find out if everything worked...can't wait!!!

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