Sunday, October 6, 2013

4 months already!

16 weeks and 2 days
Time is flying by...I can't believe it's already been 2 months since my last post. Things are going pretty well. I've officially switched to my OB that delivered Jimmy and it's been great catching up with him and all of the nurses that helped take care of me while I was pregnant with Jimmy.

Unfortunately, I'm still Lactose Intolerant and dealing with nausea, so it wasn't a huge surprise to find out I'd lost two pounds since my previous visit. My doctor isn't too worried because the baby is developing as expected and I really didn't start putting on weight with my last pregnancy until I was about 7 months. My OB's more pie and fries with gravy. Anything I can keep down really. :)

My JRA has been doing really well for about a week complaints, so I'm hoping remission has set in! I'm still getting by on 2mg of Prednisone for now, so if all goes well over the next few weeks than I'll consider stopping it all together and enjoy feeling great without having to take anything. I know I'm on an extremely low dose of Prednisone, but I still hate the idea of taking it at all. My sinuses have been a mess for the last couple of days...good 'ol Santa Ana once that clears I'm hoping I'll start feeling great all around.

Reading his "I'm a Big Brother" book.
Never too early to start.
I can't believe my baby boy is going to be 1 in less than 3 weeks!!! Jimmy has been doing great! He's learning so fast now and is getting so close to walking. He's taken a few steps here and there on his own, but immediately sits down when he realizes no one is holding on to him. Not quite ready to venture out on his own just yet. He has 5 teeth now and usually refuses to eat any baby food...he loves eating real food like all of us. He's not big on drinking formula half of the time, so I'm thinking it may be time to try whole milk just a little earlier than expected and see if he likes it better than his formula. I love how curious he is about the world around him and can't wait for him to meet his little brother or sister! He's going to be a great big brother! We're already getting him prepped with books and introducing him to babies whenever we get the chance...he just smiles and points and softly touches their face and hair if we give him the chance. Keeping up with him has been tough, but I keep reminding myself that it'll get easier as time goes on...just in time for Baby #2 to arrive. :D

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