Monday, July 18, 2011

And we're off...

It's finally time for another round of insemination (IUI). On July 8th I started taking 100IU of Follistim every night, which hasn't been too bad, but my belly is starting to get a little bruised and tender. I loved taking them for the first few days because I felt like my hormone levels were so low, but now I'm starting to get really tired & I've had some headaches and nausea. It's all been worth it though. So far we have about 7 healthy eggs, all growing at a nice pace.
We did another ultrasound yesterday and everything looks ideal! My husband had to give me one last Follistim shot last night and tonight I have to take an HCG shot. I let my mother-in-law give me that one though...the needle is a bit longer and it has to be given in my bum. My mother-in-law is a recovery room nurse, so she's great with shots...quick and painless. Once we're done with the HCG shot, I should start ovulating within 36 hours and then it's time for an IUI.
This time we're doing a double IUI, just in case. We'll go Wednesday morning for our first IUI and then again on Thursday morning for our second. Then I think we go back in a week or so for a pregnancy test. Fingers crossed it's finally positive.
My JRA has been a bit of a mess over the last couple of weeks, so I've upped my Prednisone to 5mg here and there. Still just my wrist and hands and from time to time my knees and ankles. I noticed it started to let up a bit after I started the hormones again, but it's still noticeably there so I've tried to slow down when I can and actually slept most of the day last Saturday. Just needed a little break I guess.

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