Wednesday, August 24, 2011

And even more delays...

Went back for our follow-up visit with Dr. Lee this morning to check on the cyst in my right ovary and it's gotten slightly bigger. So, everything is being delayed another week. Another week of birth control (YAY!) and then back for another ultrasound next Wednesday. If the cyst is still there, then we're delaying IVF for a month...let the cyst shrink, have a normal cycle and then start over again...but if the cyst is gone, then we move forward with the IVF.
It all works out pretty well actually. My hubby and I are leaving for a mini road trip tomorrow and having start new medication and injections that have to be refrigerated seemed like a bit of a nightmare. Now we can just drive, enjoy it and find out next week where we go from here.
On a side note...Happy Anniversary babe! It's been 3 years and I love you more and more everyday!

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