Thursday, August 11, 2011

Starting IVF...

Last Monday we met with Dr. Lee and decided it was finally time to start In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). We all agreed, it feels like we're wasting time and money on IUI's. I was so excited to move on to IVF! Dr. Lee answered all of our questions, filled us in on what to expect in the coming weeks and made us feel more at ease about everything. I started feeling so confident that IVF will work and we can finally start a family of our own. Then, this morning I received a giant package with all of the medications I will be taking and that's when the anxiety (and a few tears) set in... 
And this is only part of it...there's about seven more little boxes still in the big box and some in the fridge. butt's going to be so sore! :( I have no clue what any of it is either!
Dr. Lee gave us a print out that breaks down what to expect everyday from now until the end of September, but none of the meds on the schedule match the names on the labels. My husband suggested that maybe some are generic names and not to worry...when he gets home, we'll sit down, do a little research, make a chart and figure it all out. Thank God for husbands, mom's, doctors and friends, because as soon as I unloaded the box, I called, emailed and texted all of them! I felt so completely overwhelmed. My husband let me cry a little and then told me a joke. My mom panicked a little bit more than I did. My doctor (who's also gone through IVF) kindly responded with "Hang in there and don't forget to use a cool compress on your sore buttock." And my friend hasn't had a chance to respond...she's at work, on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean. But in their own way, they all helped...I've calmed down and started breathing normally again.
So what's on the schedule? For now I'm on birth control...yeah, I don't fully understand it either...and then August 17th I go to Dr. Lee for a Trial Transfer. From what I understand, they shoot a little bit of water into my uterus to get an idea of where the embryos will land once they are transferred. It also looks like I'll be starting injections that same day and according to the possible side effects, I can expect headaches, nausea, insomnia, and hot flashes because a sore butt isn't enough. hee hee Then it's more injections and ultrasounds until September 7th, when it's time for an egg retrieval. Jim will give a sperm sample, Dr. Lee will work his magic and then three days later an embryo transfer. Then I get to kick back, relax and enjoy a couple days of bed rest...but don't forget, still more injections and waiting. We have to wait twelve days to find out if we're finally pregnant or if we have to do it all over again. If all goes well, I could be giving my Gram the best 92nd birthday gift ever...another Great Grand baby.

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