Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Great news...

Had my Egg Retrieval done yesterday & everything went nice & smooth. Dr. Lee took out 30 eggs, 27 were healthy & fertilized & for now we have 22 very healthy embryos! YAY! Far more than the 5 we were aiming for! Jim & I are still in shock that so many have survived, but relieved at the same time. One of our nurses called & said the number can still go down, so they'll watch them for the next couple of days & update us on any changes. For now we are aiming for a Saturday implantation, but nothing will be definite until sometime Thursday.
The retrieval was easy, only took about 30 minutes & I slept through the whole thing, but recovery has been harder than I expected. I feel like every muscle in my abdomen has been pulled & keeps cramping up. I laid around most of the day yesterday, but then sat & watched a movie...bad idea! Everything just cramped up more & pulled like crazy when I tried to stretch out in bed & go to sleep. All of this would be easier if I could take pain medication, but I never seem to react well to them, so for now I'm taking Tylenol, really hot showers & laying or standing as much as possible. I also have to watch for swelling & fever for the next few days. My belly was swollen last night like I was already pregnant, but has gone down a bit & so far no real fever. The nurses at Dr. Lee's & from the hospital have been checking in on me & are all very excited about our results. Jim & I couldn't be happier & are so excited about the upcoming implantation! But for now I need to get some rest so I'm ready to go on the big day! Hope everyone is doing well.

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