Friday, October 28, 2011

On the roller coaster again...

Turns out my "miscarriage" was actually symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy. Monday afternoon I had a follow-up appointment to make sure my hCG counts were going down (as expected after a miscarriage) and my counts actually went up! My doctor called and said I needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible for an ultrasound and two hours later I was signing paperwork to have emergency surgery. Apparently, one of the embryos didn't like my uterus and made my right fallopian tube it's new home. Bad idea! Most ectopic pregnancies are resolved with a high dose of Methotrexate, but of course I'm highly allergic to it, so my only option was surgery...known as partial right salpingectomy...all laparoscopic, but painful none the less.
From what I understand, there was some abdominal bleeding and the surgeon had to remove part of my right fallopian tube, but luckily it was caught early on and there wasn't any serious damage. The surgeon actually gave my husband a few pictures from the surgery! I'll try to post a couple when I'm feeling a little better.
The whole situation was a complete shock. I was having some cramping, normal bleeding, as if I was on my period, but never had any clue there was something so serious & incredibly dangerous happening in my own body. My biggest fear now is the chance that it will happen again. My surgeon assured me that getting pregnant again will not be a problem, this pregnancy proved it can happen for us, we just happened to fall into the 1 in 40 ectopic pregnancy category...because I never do anything the easy way. Now I just have to rest, easier said than done and in a few months we can try again...we're still determined not to give up.

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