Friday, July 26, 2013

Finally met Baby #2...

We had our first ultrasound yesterday and we are officially pregnant with one very healthy baby! The baby is growing as expected and we were even able to see the heartbeat...very exciting considering I'll only be 6 weeks along as of tomorrow.

The baby is the black oval on the left and the spot, to the right is what Dr. Lee believes is a simple build  up of fluid...but there's a VERY small chance that it may be the second embryo that we transferred and that it's just developing at a slower pace...but that's very unlikely. We go back next Thursday for another ultrasound to check on the baby and make sure the "sac" isn't changing.

My JRA has been all over the place over the last few days. I was feeling pretty good and then this morning woke up aching from head to toe. At this point I think it's just the random rain storms and humidity that have been passing through and I hope to go into remission sometime soon like I did with my last pregnancy. Until then, I'm resting as much as possible and just letting things progress.