Monday, July 22, 2013

Things are getting exciting...

All is well in baby world! I was right about my first Estrogen count being 813, but I found out it's not the count we were watching. We're actually tracking my Beta count which was 286...still higher than my first two pregnancies, but not as high as I thought. Every 2-3 days the number should double, so last Wednesday they checked it again & this time it actually was 813...much higher than we expected. Because the first two counts were strong, they decided to wait until today to test it again & it jumped to 4354! We're all thinking twins at this point since this is the highest my count has ever been, but we won't know 100% until we have our first ultrasound this Thursday. Can't wait to find out!

It's crazy to think this time next year we can possibly have 3 kids under the age of 2! My husband and I always wanted three kids, we're not getting any younger and two for the price of one might not be so bad. Honestly though, it's scares me as much as the idea seems exciting. I did great through my entire pregnancy with Jimmy & none of us fully believed I'd be able to carry him full term, but I did it without any major problems...and my doctor feels confident that I'd do just as well with twins, so I'm ready either way.

I've been feeling pretty good, no nausea or major symptoms for now...stiff today, but after three days at the JA Conference & a night walking around Disneyland, it was pretty much a given that I'd be sore & stiff for a couple of days.

My family and I attended this years JA Conference in first one in about six years and sadly I felt more out of place than anything. I joined in with the Young Adults Program like I normally would, but I felt like an old lady! I felt too old for the group, but I don't have a child with Arthritis, so I didn't really fit into the Parent's Program either. I guess it was bound to happen eventually, but it was a little's the one time a year I feel "normal" all of the people around me understand what I really go through on a daily basis. My family and friends have always been extremely supportive, but ultimately no one can fully understand what it's like to live with Arthritis until they've experienced it firsthand. Luckily, I ran into an old friend, Kevin Purcell, who told me he felt the same way and started his own group...Arthritis Introspective. The group meets once a year and the gatherings are geared towards adults 20-50 who are living with Arthritis and they even offer classes for spouses. Sounds good to me! I appreciate what the JA Conference offers children with Arthritis and their parents, but I think I've outgrown it, so I'm hoping Arthritis Introspective will be the right fit for me. They even have a group that meets locally once a month, so I'm thinking it might not be a bad idea to join in on the fun and maybe meet some fellow gimpy moms. :)


  1. It was so nice to see you again Christina, it was one of the highlights of my weekend! You have had an amazing adventure since the last we have see each other, I am so happy for you and your family. I look forward to seeing you soon and an AI event!

  2. Thanks Kevin! It was great catching up with you too! I hope all is well and we hope to see you at an AI event in the future.