Monday, September 5, 2011

Slowly getting started...

So we went back to Dr. Lee last Wednesday and the cyst was still there, but was a bit smaller than the last visit. Not to the ideal 13mm, but down from 17mm to 13.8mm...close enough, YAY! We still haven't started any shots though. I had to keep taking birth control until Friday and now we just wait for my period to start. Once it starts, I call the doctor's office and then the fun begins! Originally, I was going to take Leuprolide (an injection) and Dexamethasone (a pill) but now we're mixing things up a bit. We're sticking with the Dexamethasone, but switching to another injection...something to do with the cyst...I think. Dr. Lee explained the reason for switching injections to my hubby and I, but I don't think either of us understood anything he was saying. So, being the understanding and patient man that he is, Dr. Lee smiled and said not to worry, they'll take care of everything and let us know what I need to take when the time comes. So now we just wait for my next period and then the fun, pain, hot flashes and mood swings begin. :D

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