Friday, September 9, 2011

Here we go...

After an insanely confusing trip to the doctor's office yesterday (and I mean even Dr. Lee and his nurses were confused) we're officially starting IVFYAY! We did another ultrasound and found out the cyst in my left ovary is still there and even grew a little again...15mm this time. When Dr. Lee considered putting everything off for a month to let the cyst go away, my mom spoke up and mentioned that I've had a cyst with every round of IUI, what are the chances I wouldn't have one next month? So, after a look through my chart, we started to realize that it's the same cyst I've had since day one! Through every round of IUI, I had a cyst that measured around 12-15mm and always on the left side. With that, Dr. Lee said no more waiting then, we're moving forward! It's never interfered in the past, so no reason to believe it will now.
After all of that, confusion set in about what medication I would start, where the new injections were that were supposed to replace the Lupron I was originally going to take and how to mix the injections once everything was cleared up. I'm sure most of the confusion was on my part, but we got everything cleared up and moved on to the injection prep demonstration...that was special too. hee hee Basically, we have to mix 2 vials of Bravelle, 2 vials of Menopur and 1cc of water all in one syringe...easy enough once I repeated everything to the nurse in layman terms. :) You think I'd know all the medical terminology after dealing with JRA for 30 years, but it just doesn't stick for some reason. On top of the Bravelle and Menopur mixture, I also have to take 1 Dexamethasone pill.
So last night around 9:30 my hubby and I decided it was time for my medicine. I opened up the giant box of meds and more confusion ensued. I found the medication with no problem, it was the big white boxes at the bottom, but finding the right syringes took a bit longer. There's about 2-3 bags completely packed with syringes and needles, all different sizes. After we found everything we somewhat clumsily mixed our magic potion, stabbed my belly and damn that stuff burns! I can handle pills, but the injection stung for a while! But, like I've said several times in the past, if it works, it will all be worth it. I'm just glad it's in my belly and not my butt for now. :)
So Monday I go back for another ultrasound and should start the medication that will replace the Lupron. I guess I should know the name of it by now, but I figure I'll remember what it is when I really need to know. Kinda sounds like I'll be taking the Bravelle & Menopur mixture, the Dexamethasone and the new injection all at the same time. But like I said, I'll worry about it when the time comes. Until then, I'm just going to rest and go with the flow.

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