Thursday, September 15, 2011

Still on schedule...

Everything went great at today's check-up! My doctor switched my meds around a bit (3 Bravelle & 1 Menopur instead of 2 & 2), still have to take the Dexamethasone and Ganirelix as well, but that's about it. All my eggs are getting nice and big, uterus lining is perfect and hormone levels are just right! We go back Saturday morning for one more check-up and blood test and if all is well, egg retrieval on Monday, Tuesday at the latest...WOOHOO!!!! Dr. Lee and all of the nurses are really excited and upbeat, so today's visit was fun.
I had a stressful afternoon because we realized my insurance company didn't fax some must have paperwork, but we got it all worked out and we're ready to go. Now I just have to rest and keep stabbing my belly a little longer, ugh, not looking forward to that. I thought one shot a night sucked...2 is a total bummer, but whatever...just have to suck it up a little longer. Okay, I'm done whining now. :) Time for a nice dinner and relaxing night with my hubby. Hope everyone is doing well!

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