Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A little closer...

Had a great check-up yesterday! I have about 8+ healthy looking eggs in each ovary, uterus lining is ideal and my cyst is still there, but not interfering. The only down side to the visit was having my blood drawn. It took them three tries again, but they finally got what they needed...at least they were gentle about it. Note to self...drink more water the night before any appointment.
So for now I continue taking the Bravelle & Menopur mixture, the Dexamethasone pill and tomorrow I add a second injection named Ganirelix. Ugh! My belly's already starting to bruise and swell a bit and now I have to stab it twice a night instead of once. Basically the Bravelle & Menopur mixture helps me produce multiple eggs, the Dexa pill helps aid in implantation and now the Ganirelix will prevent the eggs from being released prematurely. All are great when it comes to IVF treatment, but the side effects are slowly setting in. I've been really tired and worn out feeling for the last couple of days and yesterday the nausea set in. It comes and goes, but is constantly in the background...just enough to be irritating. I need to remind myself to eat smaller portions too. I want to eat to help the nausea go away, but I'm bloated enough that eating to much at once just makes me feel worse. It's all a balancing act that I dealt with during every round of IUI, so I just need to get back in the rhythm of things and drink a little Ginger Ale. :)
Now I just wait for another check-up on Thursday to find out what happens next. Dr. Lee gave us a new schedule at my last visit and if all goes well, we could be doing an egg retrieval on Monday and implanting embryos as early as next Wednesday! We're getting so close! It's a little scary and very exciting all at the same time. But today I'm feeling too tired to think about any of it, so I'm just going to go relax and let my body do what it needs to do. Hope everyone is doing well and sorry I haven't been doing so well with emailing some of you back. I haven't forgotten and I will write back, I promise. Thanks for all of the support!

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