Friday, September 23, 2011

Tomorrow, tomorrow...

We're scheduled to have our embryo transfer tomorrow at 10:45a.m., YAY! I have to take a Valium at 9:45 (which I'm assuming is to help me stay relaxed and calm?) and two embryos will be transferred at 10:45, then I'm on two days of bed rest. I can stay in bed or on the couch and do little things around the house like cooking, but no exercise, driving or anything that may be strenuous for two days. Sounds good to me. Luckily my hubby is super supportive, so I know I'll be able to just vegetate and relax and will be well taken care of. I'm basically planning on staying in bed and watching LOST for the entire weekend.
The recovery from the egg retrieval was harder than I ever expected, but I'm finally starting to feel normal again. My belly is still a little swollen, especially after I eat, but the pain has almost gone away completely. My muscles still feel a little tight, but far from what it was earlier in the week. I've had some insomnia from the new medications I'm on (Methyprednisolone along with Progesterone and Delegestrogen shots) and I'm starting to see what my doctor warned me butt hurts from the shots already and I've only been taking the for two days. Other than that, everything is going well and my husband and I are extremely excited about tomorrow! We're praying that this first transfer takes and that we can have at least one healthy and happy baby and take a break from all of this...until the next pregnancy. :)

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