Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Surrounded by boxes...

So we've been in our new house for about 11 days now and it's been a bit of a love-hate relationship. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the house, but I hate the whole moving process. The actual move was a little more hectic than we'd hoped for, but luckily nothing was broken or damaged and everything is at the new a box...but who knows which box. We've organized the necessities, our bedroom, bathroom and living room (kind of), but the kitchen is another story. The kitchen was a bit of a nightmare, dirty and incredibly outdated, so my In-Laws decided it needed to be gutted and redone. My In-Laws actually own the house, we're just renting it from them, so ultimately the decision was theirs alone and I'm beyond grateful for their choice to start fresh and make the kitchen beautiful, but more importantly functional for me. They've allowed my husband and I to be involved in every aspect, from laying out the kitchen, picking out the cabinets, drawer handles, paint, everything! I've had a blast with the whole design aspect, but putting it all together has been crazy! My husband has been working a lot of overtime trying to save up for another embryo transfer, so unfortunately most of the work has been put on my Father-In-Law's shoulders. He's done an amazing job so far and I appreciate all of his hard work, but we're all getting tired and frustrated and we're just ready for it to be done and over with so we can finish unpacking and stop feeling like we're guests in our own home. But for now the rooms full of boxes and Mini Mart in my living room will have to do.

As for my health, it's been 7 weeks since my surgery, I'm totally healed and I'm officially off Prednisone and back on my NSAID, Nabumetone. I've only been back on the Nabumetone since the 10th and it's been a little rough, but definitely worth it! No more insomnia and constantly feeling the need to stuff my face and the "Moon Face" is slowly going away too. Considering the cold weather, stress of moving and only taking 1mg of Prednisone a day for two weeks before starting my Nabumetone, my JRA has actually done better than I expected. Don't get me wrong, I've been sore and stiff, but mostly because I'm too stubborn to sit down and relax when my body tells me it's had enough.

In the middle of all of the moving and kitchen renovation we took a break and met with our fertility specialist to decide what our next step is for another embryo transfer. A few weeks ago I didn't even want to think about it, but now I'm ready to try again. I've had my fears about the possibilities of another Ectopic Pregnancy or that the embryos won't thaw properly, but realized I don't have control over any of it, so why worry about it. After meeting with our doctor, my fears are completely gone. We talked about my surgery and how lucky I was that the problem was caught in time and discussed our next move, a Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET), a process far easier than IVF. There will be hormone injections and some bedrest, but no more egg retrievals or giant boxes of pills and syringes...simply call him when I start my next period and well get started. As excited as we are to try again, we want to wait until after the new year so that we can make it through the holidays and settle in our house as much as possible. So for now we just unpack what we can, work hard on our kitchen and maybe even a little Christmas shopping.

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