Saturday, January 14, 2012

I haven't forgotten...

I swear I haven't forgotten about this site! Things have just been so beyond busy, that by the time I have a chance to relax, the last thing I feel like doing is typing. Unfortunately this entry might have to be a short one, but I wanted to check in and give everybody a quick update.

First off, if you didn't notice, the site has changed some. I decided it was dumb to keep paying for a site when I could have basically the same thing for free (moving into a house has changed my perspective on spending). hee hee So this is the same old Curly Bones, but with a new look and a new host. I transferred all of the entries from the old site, but sadly I couldn't transfer your comments. So, if you left a comment on previous entries, thank you so much and I'm sorry that they were'll just have to comment that much more in the future. :) I'm still trying to figure out how to set up a new email address in case you want to send a private message, so bare with me, I'll add that feature ASAP.

Other than the new site, things have been insane to say the least. We made it through the holidays...spending time with family, yummy food and all the fun that comes with it, but my JRA has been acting up more than ever. I've been back on Nabumetone for a while now, but it feels like it's finally starting to help and then the cold weather, long days of running around with my family and trying to finish projects on the house just knock me on my butt again. My joints have been extra stiff and achy from sun up, until sun down. Then just for fun, last week I found out I have a sinus infection and somehow I pulled a muscle in my chest that causes stabbing pain anytime I take a deep breath, cough or even laugh...not very helpful when trying to clear up stuffy sinuses. Ugh!

Okay, I'm done whining now. :D I have a few things I can't wait to share, but they'll have to wait for now. Until then, check out these AWESOME fingerless gloves my hubby bought me for Christmas! Great for those with curly bones!


  1. I love the look of your new site! ~;o) And aren't fingerless gloves awesome? I'm wearing some right now - I wear them a lot when it's cold and I want to type!

    I hope things are going well for you in the new year. And I wanted to let you know that you've been memed!!

  2. Glad you like the new look!

    Memed? Okay, I need to figure out what that means. lol

  3. Hi! I'm new to your blog and it's fab! I too have JRA, I was diagnosed aged 9 and I am now 36. We too are trying to conceive! We aren't as far along in it all as you, we have only just had the hysterosalpingogram. Once I have worked out how and where to start a blog, I may well join you. Good luck! Kerry. x

  4. Welcome Kerry! I'm so glad that you enjoy my blog and that it might be able to help you, even a little. Sorry you're having to go through all of this as well, but I hope I can give you a little comfort and support along the way. If you have any questions at all feel free to comment or send me an email. Whatever you're more comfortable with. Good luck with everything and please keep me updated on your progress!

    P.S. How did your hysterosalpingogram go? I was freaked out about doing it because I read a few horror stories before, but mine was a breeze. Just some cramping, but I've been through worse.

  5. Aw thanks for the welcome! I'm reading your blog in order so I haven't read your next ones yet but will any second now :)
    I was silly before I went for my hysterosalpingogram as I googled other people's experience, and yep I was freaked out too! Some people were saying they had given birth to twins vaginally and the hysterosalpingogram was more painful!! Maybe those horror stories helped though as I was expecting the worst and, like you, I just had a bit of cramping during but only for a few minutes. I took some meds half hour before, maybe that helped too. Results were all normal so now we have been started on Clomid - or at least I will next month, missed the window for this one.

  6. Kerry - I think we read some of the same stories! lol Luckily my primary doctor has also gone through IVF, FET's and everything that comes along with it, so she's been a HUGE support. She warned me not to listen to read any stories about hysterosalpingograms, but I'm stubborn...I even watched a few videos of women talking about their horror stories. Such a bad idea! lol

    Anyways, I'm glad to hear your results were normal...I know that's a huge relief...and that you're waiting to start Clomid...very exciting! I haven't asked before, but what medication do you take for your JRA? We were never able to find anything reproductively "wrong" with my husband or I and sometimes there never is any real reason for why you can't get pregnant, but I've been on NSAID's on and off since I was 3 and all my doctors can figure is that maybe they hardened my eggs to the point that the sperm never had a chance to get in. I know other Arthritis meds can cause problems though, so I was just curious what your history with meds has been.