Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Almost there...

My butt is feeling the pain from another 3 shots last night, but I'm hoping a day at the spa today with my mom will hit the spot. Followed up with my Rheumatologist yesterday to keep him up to date on all things FET and he recommended staying on Prednisone for now to keep my JRA under control and is setting me up with physical therapy as well. The right side of my neck has been really sore the point that it's effecting the mobility of my right shoulder, so he thinks a little PT might help. Last time I went through this the therapist gave me a few exercises to do at home, but used massage therapy during our sessions. Hoping that will be the case again this time.

Well, time for a little pampering and then getting ready for our FET tomorrow, YAY! Hope everyone has a great day!